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Pitsea RC/Phoenix Striders Handicap Race 2023

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Last Wednesday (28th June) was our joint annual handicap race between Pitsea Running Club and Phoenix Striders.

It was a chance to have a nice informal event between the two clubs who know each other quite well as we are often seen at parkruns, cross country or other local events together.

Where most events involve finishing as high as you can or trying to beat your PB this was a little different.

It was a chance to give everyone a shot at winning.

The premise is very simple, give us a predicted time to run our 5k Crown to Crown course, take off your smartwatch or any timing device and try to get as close to your prediction as possible.

Run as slow or fast as you want, it's not a race, all about getting close to your predicted time.

We had 32 participants from both clubs and just over half got within a minute of their predictions, which is no easy feat.

But there could only be 2 winners (well technically 3, thanks to Jacqui for spotting my mistake).

1st Female was Amy Kent who was only 1 second off.

1st Male(s) were Alan James and Lee Hazelwood, both only 5 seconds off.


Handicap Results 2023
Download PDF • 473KB

We hope all enjoyed the event and hope to be back next year with even more members from both clubs taking part.

Finally, I'd like to thanks to Rachel and Michael for their help in putting on the event and the other volunteers who helped in various roles (and John for his photography skills), thank you for supporting the clubs.


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