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A Celebration

It has been a year like no other for all of us. We have had no races, no parkrun and at times no club runs. At Pitsea Running Club we found a way to return to running in a Covid safe and secure environment.

Club running came back 27th September and ran until 19th December 2020. Then after a further lockdown, commenced again on the 31st March 2021 and continued Sunday 18th July.

Here are some of the stats that we wanted to celebrate:

  • A total of 73 PRC Covid Secure runs took place

  • 1467 people attended

  • That's 20 people on average per club run

Events Co-ordinator, Nigel Pointer managed 73 runs where he ensured that members confirmed they were attending in advance and recorded which pace groups they ran in order to meet government and England Athletic guidelines.

Club chair, Paul Omer hosted numerous training workshops for volunteer run leaders and assistants. Marion Breeze (Club Secretary), Paul and Nigel worked in the background on the documentation that the club needed to have in place to go ahead and keep everyone safe.

A big Thank You to everyone that contributed to the success of our club runs.


Training for the London Marathon

Karen White joined the club during lockdown in September last year. She was initially nervous because of the timing with the pandemic.

“The club have guided me and supported me throughout my marathon training and I have had lots of brilliant advice,”

Karen has not looked back since she joined and she is now running the London Marathon for St Luke’s Hospice. She has also completed a run leader course and now takes out her own run groups on club nights

Read the article below.

PRC in The Echo_C19 Club Runs and Karen White
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