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Grand Prix Races Eight and Nine

Stebbing 10

This is a really popular race that I'd always wanted to do, but it sells out very quickly and I'd never quick enough to get a place. This year I finally I managed to sign up in time and at last got to find out why this race is so popular. Before the start there was a moving remembrance service at the Stebbing war memorial and then we all moved to the start. It was quite an undulating course and I found it especially hard work when we hit the gravel paths, but the weather was fabulous, the scenery lovely and at the end there was a very nice poppy medal and tea and cake. Definitely one to do again.

Chelmsford 10k

Another popular local race that had sold out weeks ago, the Chelmsford 10k is a little different with its 2pm start time. After weeks of very mild weather the drop in temperature was a bit of a shock, but the sun was shining, the route was fabulous and Pitsea were out in force. - what's not to like?


Next up is Grand Prix Race Ten -

28th November - Hatfield 5

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